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chapter 1 the meeting..
there was laughter coming from many animals in the bustling village, hide and seek is what they were playing..  in the distance, there was a house.. inside this house, was a white horse filly and a brown horse filly... they were more than best friends... but considered sisters. the white horse filly had a strange mark on her forehead. . noanimal knew why she had that mark,  but she was bullied because of it. the white horse filly had tears falling from her eyes... "w-why are you moving aubrey? I-i  thought  we were friends." said the white horse filly... Aubrey looked at her best friend.. she went toward her and hugged her.."Don't cry bestie, I promise  I will return." said Aubrey as she smiled. "aubrey can you take natalia home? it's almost getting ready to rain."said Aubrey's mother.. Aubrey stood on her fours. "sure mom, I will take her home, I will be back." said Aubrey as she used her head to open the door...once they got out of the house.. they began to walk... Natalia began to shed a few tears along their walk.. "what's wrong?" asked aubrey as she looked at her best friend. .. who was now crying... Natalia looked at her, "what if the bullies make fun of me since your not around?" Asked Natalia  as she cried even more. .. Aubrey went toward her and wiped her tears... "they won't bother you, I promise." said Aubrey . as she smiled. Natalia looked at her with uncertainty. nothing could make her happy since she found out her best friend is leaving. if only she could go with aubrey.  "hey ya gotta cheer up, don't make me tell a joke, or better yet don't make me tell you ten jokes. I got plenty."  said Aubrey. Natalia looked at her.. a soft smile formed on  her mouth.. "No don't." said natalia. Aubrey  smiled. ..  "Why does a bumble bee have sticky hair? it used a honeycomb." said Aubrey  as she laughed. Natalia softly giggled,  she felt somewhat better. "I think I heard giggles, I will tell you another one. ahem,  what do you call a bee that has messy hair? a frizz bee!" said Aubrey  as she laughed.. Natalia  laughed. once their laughter died.. Natalia felt better kinda. Aubrey began to go toward a path. "do you want to head toward the beach? since it's my last time hanging with you." said Aubrey  "sure. I would love to." said natalia as she smiled. "then follow me, come on we better hurry, before it starts raining! " Said Aubrey she began to run toward a path. Natalia began to run right behind her..."hey please slow down, I can't catch up" said natalia as she began to laugh.  Aubrey began to look back and  stick her tounge out.. "well then, you better catch up slow poke" said Aubrey as she laughed.. there a single raindrop began to collide with the ground... "we are almost there, just one more path and we will make it." said Aubrey as she smiled.  Natalia soon caught up with her.over the path she could see sand, white sand... "We are here,  we finally made it." said natalia as she began to smile...
they soon saw the dark stormy clouds rising over the ocean..."we better take you back to your place. it looks bad." said Aubrey she began to turn around... Natalia did the same, before they left , Natalia  noticed another white horse filly, who was looking toward the ocean while at the same time reading a book.... "hey! it's almost getting ready to rain, hurry and go home!" said Aubrey. the white horse filly didn't say anything.. she continued to look toward the ocean.  since Aubrey couldn't convince  her to leave  she just walked natalia home. Five days passed,Aubrey and her mother and father left the village.which natalia was told by her father while she was on her way to school. while she was walking to school, she cried. once she reached school, she wiped her tears with her right hoof. she began to walk in.many animals just stared at her, noticing that she wasn't with Aubrey .. this looked like a great opportunity to attack natalia. they went toward her. "well, now that your friend isn't here, don't think your getting off the hook here, missy. want to know why?" Asked the deer as his smile began to grow.  And  his teeth began to show. His lust of getting even With natalia began to grow inside his heart he wanted to hurt aubrey and natalia for making fun of him and his buddies. He hated them so much for doing that very thing... He began to circle around natalia . the tension in the air began to cause natalia  to  shiver. ."w-why?" asked natalia the deer began to motion his friends to block both sides.. "you gotta pay for the many times you laughed at me and my four friends with Aubrey." said the deer.. Natalia was really afraid now... "n-no please I'm sorry don't hurt me!" said natalia.  before the deer and his friends could make a move, Natalia began to fall on the ground, her heart began to beat really fast... she began to stop breathing.. the deer and his friends just laughed.. "this is what you get and you deserve this for laughing at us!" said the deer as he and his friends left her to stay on the ground. there two teachers which appeared to be tall rabbits,  saw natalia on the ground. one of the teachers went to the clinic and found Natalia's medicine she rushed back to natalia. "sit her up plesse." said  the teacher who had the medicine "ok." said the other teacher as he sat her up, there the other teacher gave her the medicine.. she then poured water into Natalia's mouth.. in which nicole swallowed she soon felt better.  "thank you." said natalia. . "your welcome natalia." said the male rabbit teacher as his mouth began to form into a smile.... he soon helped her up. Just seeing natalia like this hurted him so much if only he could help her With finding aubrey.
"I'm sorry about what happened about aubrey you'll see her again I promise." said the female teacher. .. "That's what everyone promises, how can I be so sure that I will ever see her again? she was more than my sister she was the other half of my soul.. only she could fill the empty  hole that grows bigger and bigger by the second everyday. how can you promise that I will see her again if she is far away huh? you don't understand how much I feel right now!" said natalia as tears began to fall from her face. the female rabbit teacher  understood how much natalia missed  aubrey and she knew what a wonderful friendship natalia had with her...she went toward  natalia and hugged her, "hey, I'm sure she misses you too. you have to stay strong." said the female rabbit. Natalia soon got up on her fours..."I have to get to class, I'm sorry." said natalia as she soon left.. as She was walking to her classroom, she noticed her other friend Rose, who she loved as well... she went toward her, rose looked at natalia.. "I can't believe aubrey left us, I thought she was going to stay with us until the end of the school year."  said rose as the rabbit soon began to sit behind natalia.. they soon noticed that some animal was sitting in Aubrey's old seat... "some animal is sitting in Aubrey's seat, she can't sit there! that's our best friend's seat. If only aubrey was here. said rose as she got up and began to go to  where the animal was sitting.  rose was unsure if this animal would be nice or mean to her if she asked her to find another seat since the seat belonged to aubrey. once she made her way toward the animal, she noticed that this animal looked like nicole, save for the cyan eyes she had strange markings on her sides.. the markings looked like Natalia's marking on her forehead. .. the white horse filly was reading a book, on closer inspection it was about history. like the founding of crowned city and crowned village by the founder and Co founder... rose began to hesitate,  she didn't know what to say. sweat began to form on her face...."e-excuse me."said a shaking rose.the white horse filly looked at the shaking rabbit she smiled. "y-your sitting in our f-friend's seat, s-she sits there." said rose as she began to shake. as she said this the deer  who bullied natalia ooked at rose.he laughed."wow, rose is actually telling the new girl animal to move out of Aubrey's old seat, face it, she isn't coming back and whoever thinks so is a idiot." said the deer as he looked at Rose and natalia. Natalia began to stand up. Anger began to  rise inside inside her.. she had to say something in order for the deer to stop since he states they won't see Aubrey ever again. She looked at him with anger in her eyes. Ever since she started going to school, the deer and his friends would always pick on her, no matter where Natalia was. That was when Aubrey appeared to stand against them.. if only she was here to stop them.
Chapter one of the forgotten
A slight breeze filled a cool and a refreshing meadow.many birds  were chirping  in the thick trees in the distance. all was quiet  until hooves were  heard running in the soft meadow.  one would assume that it was a pony or a horse, but  it was neither. it's appearance did seem to resemble both animals in retrospect, dark clouds began to form all across the sky.. a lightning bolt was seen striking the ground, a cry was heard...  the horse like animal looked toward the sky another horse like animal appeared, this one seemed to have wings... lightning began to form in her wings... "you don't want to do this!" said the white horselike animal in a angry and confident way... the winged horselike animal looked at her  and gave out a angry sigh...  "there you go again, acting all demanding . you think your special because of the way those animals treat you huh? well guess what, there won't be many animals left after I finish  you off!" shouted the winged horselike animal as the lighting now became two lightning bolts.  The flying horselike creature, who many called  the pegasus hurled it at the white mare who had the horn, who many called the unicorn, just swiftly dodged it, she then used her horn to charge up a magical beam in hopes to strike the pegasus.. "do you honestly believe that your magic can stand up against mine? your pathectic!" shouted the pegasus as she charged up a lightning bolt, and dashed to the unicorn...  the unicorn's horn began to glow she charged at the pegasus...  once the two clashed  both began to give out a cry of pain, the birds in the trees began to stop chirping... rain began to fall. the unicorn was standing over the pegasus, tears began to fall from her face... the pegasus was in her last dying moments.... but she looked at the unicorn she began to cough up blood... "you make me sick to my stomach, I hate the way you do things!" said the pegasus as she coughed up more blood....   the unicorn,still with tears in her eyes went down as well."I went through so much for you, I didn't want you to leave me forever... I told you I didn't want to fight, but you insisted that you should go your own way and forget about the ones you loved." said the unicorn.... the pegasus, looked at the unicorn.  "your a idiot, your the only idiot who  thinks they can save me, I should spit at you for saying such words, but since we are at our last moments.. there is no reason for me to do that, your just like that founder of the village and city that we saved,  your ideology of friendship and helping others isn't going to work." said the pegasus as she closed her eyes and opened them, "the good thing about us dying is that I won't have to hear your preaching of friendship and peace." said the pegasus as she breathed her last  and died....   the unicorn looked at the dead pegasus's body and noticed that it was disappearing....   "No my friend, your wrong about death,  our life will begin anew, I don't know in what form or shape, but we will cross paths again, it's not the end.... there the unicorn coughed up blood,   "May we cross paths again in this life." said the unicorn as she breathed her last and died.. her body disappearing..
There is a guy on here who is cursing like a drunken sailor on my channel. . It has gotten a little immature 
I'm sorry for being a bad friend
There is a IP logger on here who takes your IP address and uses it against you. .. do not go on the channel or even watch the person
There is a guy on here who is cursing like a drunken sailor on my channel. . It has gotten a little immature 


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Many of us are willing to give our eternities to a concept of God that was presented to us by the ancient Israelites. Forget about eternity for a moment. Imagine a world in which our lives in the here and now are dictated by a government that acts EXACTLY like this God. There is a vote first of course. Technically, there is a choice, but somehow, the election results in a nearly unanimous victory. That is the final election, you cannot have any other administrations before this one. Henceforth, the government is well aware of all your "private" communications and activities. Federal video cameras are everywhere, even in bedrooms and bathrooms. Not a single moment of your life will go unseen, from conception to death. Simply seeing what you're up to is not enough, the government must know every facet of your mind, so all citizens have a chip implanted in their head at birth. This chip monitors whether or not you have any "illegal" thoughts. Due to all this surveillance and thought monitoring going on, at least you're safe from crime, right? Well, not so fast. Surveillance is only used to determine guilt, but neither interventions nor preventative measures are EVER taken. You see, as a good person, you don't have much to worry about from the government, but you do have alot to worry about from people who aren't so good, because they don't have alot to worry about from the government either. For though cameras and police are everywhere, when you or your loved ones are mugged, raped, or murdered, the police do nothing to stop the perpetrator even while present, because that would interfere with the criminal's free will. Criminals have to stand before a judge and answer for their crimes, sure, but all they have to do is apologize and sincerely ask for forgiveness, not of you, the victim, but of the judge, and the criminal is then set free. Should you entertain a thought of spite toward the person who killed your loved one, then it is you who will stand before the judge. If you cannot muster adequate shame, then it is you who will be punished. The sick and the poor beg the government for help, but the government's most reliable aid is reserved for the wealthy. During award ceremonies, you can usually spot professional athletes, award winning actors, and musicians thanking the government for it's "generous" welfare. Meanwhile, children are dying of preventable diseases, starvation, dehydration, and natural disasters, without ANY relief that could be easily supplied by the government's virtually inexhaustable coffers, coffers which are reserved for the welfare of the priveledged few. This might seem unfair at first, but just realize that the government works in mysterious ways. Trust that the government has a good reason for funding mansions and swimming pools for some, but not food and water for others. It's all part of a classified plan, a greater plan. Above all, you're not allowed to talk bad about the government. Not only is that considered unpatriotic, but it's also illegal, unforgivable, and carries the most severe punishment of all. Isn't that odd? Your fellow citizens would also ostracize you, showing genuine contempt for you, because you dared to be critical of your government. It's almost as if they fell in love with the chains that bind them. Fortunately, we live in the real world, where voters and elected officials take proper consideration before making decisions based on what they think God wants. So naturally, people wouldn't tolerate a government that did ANY of the things mentioned in this story, right? RIGHT?
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Why did God give man a free will if He knew we'll just use it to do evil?




This is a question thrown by people who would like to sway others to believe that there is no God.  This question is the relative of the question, "If there is a loving God, then why are there so many evil in this world."  

One trait of God is His omniscience (He is all-knowing).  He knows what will happen for all of eternity.  The things that man know are not even a tip of a nailcompared to what God knows.  He even knows what will happen to you a minute from now which you don't have an idea of.  That established, atheists and agnostics would argue that God, if He does exists, with His omniscience, should have decided NOT to give man free will because He knows that they'll just use it to rebel against Him which will result to them going to Hell to pay for their sins.  If He does exists then He must enjoy seeing people go to Hell?

First of all, the Bible makes it clear that God has no pleasure in seeing sinners die which lead them to eternal punishment (Ezekiel 33:11).  He created man for His glory and for His pleasure (Revelations 4:11).  Now here's a question... If you're God, will you derive pleasure from the "love" your created gives you if in the first place, you have programmed them like robots to give you love (they have no choice but to love you)?  I believe that you'll agree that "love" that's not freely given is not true love.  God had to give man a free will so that He can experience true love from His created so that pleasure is achieved.  He wanted man to love Him willingly.  Free will allows man to love God willingly.  That's why God gave us free will. Not doing so goes against reason.  God is a logical Person that's why He saw it right to give man the freedom to choose for himself and He hoped that we'd use it to give Him pleasure.  

But how about the fact that in man's use of his free will to do evil, it results to suffering in Hell? Shouldn't have God just sacrificed His desire to experience true love from His created so that no one goes to Hell?  I believe that God could have chosen to do that... IF He had no power to use evil to bring out good.  What do I mean about that?  God used the evil of the cross to solve man's problem of sin.  The cross is a reflection of all the evil of man.  The cross is a picture of what any criminal should deserve.  God experienced the cruelty of the cross as if He was a hardened criminal just so He can make a payment for man's sins.  Buddha had no solution for the penalty of man's sins.  Mohammed offered no real solution either.  Catholicism, although claiming to be Christian in beliefs, still gives man a big responsibility in saving himself. The New Age movement can only suggest something that will make you focus on the "here and now" so that you'll not be burdened with what's ahead in eternity. This makes Christianity unique.  It offered a solution.  Jesus was the solution.  God turned evil to good by transferring all of man's evil on His beloved Son so He could pay for them.  The chains of sin on us were broken because Jesus let himself experience the evil of men.

God still uses evil in our time to bring out good.  How many people have turned to God for assurance of life in Heaven after they've realized how fragile and short life is through the death of someone they know?  I believe you and your other Christian friends can name some.  God uses natural calamities like the tsunami in Japan and the big earthquakes that rocked major cities early this year to bring to the minds of people that there is a powerful God that they should fear, or better yet, be reconciled with.  Crimes around us, heavy and petty crimes alike, show how man has gone low in their morals, and therefore, disqualifies them from the future joys of Heaven. Your own offense of God's Moral Standards, the Ten Commandments, should bring you to the realization that you're not a good person, that's why you need Jesus' perfection to be transferred on you to enter into His Kingdom. For Christians, God uses circumstances to bring out new strength from us so that, we, in turn, can also be used by Him to strengthen others. He also uses sufferings to re-focus ourselves to Him so that we can enjoy Him even in this world.  

In conclusion, God gave man free will even if He knew it will cause problems through man's wrong use of it because He also knows the solution to it... Jesus. When God finished making this world on the sixth day, He looked on the whole of His creation and saw that it was all good, including the free will He gave man.  To you who are still living in sin, use your free will by deciding to forsake your sins and to have Jesus be your Lord and Savior.  To us, His children, let us use the free will God gave us to bring pleasure to the only One who can use evil to bring out good for our benefit.  Praise be the Lord!

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and by the way , the post i sent that this comment was replied to proves a VERY good point
gwarnage Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015
and by the way , the post i sent that this comment was replied to proves a VERY good point
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