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Do you guys remember the legend of the silver star blue gem pendant series I was ranting about in 2012 and 2013, well, I finished all thirteen,  right now, I'm on a process of typing a book
CHAPTER 6: a map of insecurities.
Natalia and her friends were now continuing their search for Aubrey. Now with king avian accompanying them. "Our next stop is in a village. They say the animals there are older than us except for king avian." Said kaitlin. The others nodded in agreement. . "Well then, time shall not be wasted! we must search for Aubrey." Said king Avian as he smiled.
A sea of dark clouds began to rise over the horizon. The group soon began to pick up the pace.... "I see the village over the horizon, we must hurry and find shelter." said king Avian as he began to fly ahead. Natalia and her friends
Soon followed.. they soon started laughing now that the storm began to start over the horizon. only a few steps and they will finally be in the village. "We are almost there. Hurry!" Said kaitlin As she began to laugh even more. Finally ahead of them was the village. The group, now seeing king Avian followed him they were now finally in the village.Their only thing goal now was to find shelter from the rain. "Where do we go? Where do we go to hide from the storm?" Asked Rose. As she began to look at king Avian. The old owl looked at her and smiled.. "there is a house in the village that I used to visit on a daily basis. A friend of mine is in the house. she might know where to find Aubrey." Said king avian as he flew right on ahead. . The group decided that after the storm, they would ask around about Aubrey..While this was going on, they didn't realize that they were being watched by the vulture and his two assistants. ."Heh, look at them, their so lost in this tiny village. it makes me laugh knowing that I driven Natalia's fear of losing Aubrey. All according to plan." Said the vulture as he laughed quietly to himself.  "Master, I hate to ask you a question,  how will her fear in losing Aubrey help in your plans?" Asked his first assistant.  The vulture looked at him and smiled. "Once the pieces fit, then the plan will come together in union." Said the vulture... After he said this, he  began to fly away with his two assistants following right behind him. While he flew away, King avian arrived at the house.. "well, here we are. Now we can-" he soon turned around noticing that the group of young ones didn't follow him. "Huh, that's odd. Oh well, it appears they could've found shelter elsewhere in the village." He soon went into the house.  Once inside he noticed a letter.. he began to read it's contents... " As you listen to  this, know that I'm above the trees gazing down at you, as I roll past you in a steady, but slow pace.. you look up, noticing the small dots of lights that give a sense of beauty to this moonless night, almost as if your in a fairy tale world.  a spark of happiness beings to fill youup. As you see a small falling dot of light, no more tears, no more sadness,  as you see it,. You  Lay your head down on top of a hill of grass and stare at the many small dots of light..  happiness, one aspect that never boasts, one that shines like a star but one still mysterious to many, happiness is a five pointed star that many wish to earn. But like a cloud, our approval of being accepted by others hide it..push past the approval, and embrace your happiness, your loved ones and your family love you.. such things only come through hard work and determination,  so many hearts are broken because of finding such approval. If approval is like a meteorite, then love is a comet, you simply cannot allow  approval by loved ones be a will to live, as that destroys you from the inside out like a dark cloud That blocks a star's light, know that you can shine like A star whose light even though fierce when close, is warm like a fire. Love your friends, enemies, and loved ones, for such things are only here for a short time, many questions eventhough unsolved, have answers that only you, your friends and family can find,  why You ask? Because without questions, adventures would never happen remember, approval isn't won by negativity, it's done through happiness. Cherish these moments my friends, for the night is still young and beautiful in the plain sight of a cloud top that is moving under the stars." After he finished reading the letter.. he noticed a map that leads to his kingdom.. a slight cough was heard. The old owl soon turned around noticing that standing before him was his friend no longer a teen but an adult.. she smiled knowing who it was, "it's been so long king Avian. Where have you been?" Asked the fox...  king avian smiled.. "I had other duties I needed to attend to at my kingdom, It must've been rough not seeing me For so long eh?" Asked king avian as he soon sat down In a chair looking at the dark clouds that rolled over the village.  He then looked at the map that lead to his kingdom and homeland.. "I must ask, why do you have a map to my kingdom?" Asked king avian. The fox looked at him and smiled.. "I wanted to see you again, I recelived word from an owl that your own subjects reject you as king they want your son to rule in your stead." Said the fox.. king avian soon felt his heart go heavy, he remembered what his subjects told him. He soon looked out the window now looking at the pouring rain.. a single tear fell down his face; a somber look soon followed.  "Frances, I'm sorry if I troubled you, I just don't know why they would rather have my son as king when he himself is evil.. i hope and wish that i could make things right there, my granddaughters wish for me to stay king. They love me, but my son doesn't." Said king avian as he covered his face with his feathers. Frances went toward him and wrapped her paw around him.. "I may not know your current situation right now, but I remember what you told me when I was going through. If a problem bothers you, face it don't let your worries get to the best of you." Said Frances. . King Avian looked at her. "How can I be so sure that the problem will go away? I have no one who will stand with me." Said king avian. As he stood up. Frances sighed and looked out the window, she knew she couldn't do anything to help him. She noticed the storm began to pick up pace dark clouds still looming over the village.  before she could say anything, a slight knock was heard.. Frances went toward the door and opened it with her head. She was surprised. "Oh and who are all of you?" Asked Frances.. "we just want shelter from the storm it's getting really bad out here." Said one of the voices...  thunder was soon heard.. which soon scared the young ones..  without hesitation, Frances let them in her house..  "hey, nice map." Said a familiar voice that king avian recognized.. "thanks, I made it myself." Said Frances as she giggled
"Do you know where king avian is? We are looking for him." Said another voice.. Frances smiled.. "he's right over in the living room looking out the window.. he has a a lot of things going on in his thoughts." Said Frances. .
natalia, kaitlin, and Rose were treated to dinner by kenzie ' s and claire's parents. fresh picked apples and oranges were being scarfed down by the trio. They wondered who picked them.. but that didn't stop them from eating them. "So what happened father?" Asked Claire. Claire's father looked at her.. "one night, me and your mother were out taking a walk, while we were talking to each other, we heard a loud screech.. a cry was heard afterwards.. "we didn't know what it was.. but eventually,  we lost our way.. but a creature so majestic helped us find our way back for two days, eventually we found the five of you."  Said claire's father as he smiled.. Kaitlin smiled, knowing now that kenzie and claire's parents are finally home, they can now continue their search for Aubrey... but for now they will just have to rest here for the night.. Claire and kenzie asked their parents if they could go with natalia and her friends  on their search for aubrey, their parents nodded. . They believed that it was necessary for claire and kenzie to join them.. "well, it looks like me and your mother are going to head out for the rest of the night, we will be back at 12:00." Said their father. "Oh and one more thing, if you hear any hooting it's the majestic creature that helped us find our way.. but we will be back." Said kenzie and claire's mother. As she smiled. The two adult siamese cats soon Left them they turned off the lights with their tails... it was now completely dark in the house. Claire and kenzie guided natalia, kaitlin, and rose into their room. Their bedroom walls were colored a dark blue, the light of the moon lit up the dark blue walls. Which made natalia, kaitlin, and rose seem as those they were on a boat... "so, what do you think of our room?" Asked kenzie as she smiled. Kaitlin looked at the walls. "They remind me of the ocean at the beach I used to go to when I read books about crowned city's history." Said kaitlin as she smiled. Claire looked at kaitlin and smiled... "have you ever heard the story of the wandering scarecrow? They say that every night on a full moon there is a wandering scarecrow that visits your house." Said claire..  "that's not true, how can a scarecrow visit your house?" Asked rose.. as she began to shake with fear.  Kaenzie looked at her.  "Nobody knows, but some say that it was cursed by a evil witch..."  said kenzie. After what kenzie said, the group heard a strange breeze. .
Which caused them to jump out of fright. "W-what was that? " Asked natalia as she began to look around.
"I don't what it was but we have to split up. Somebody could of opened the door and walked in the house!" Said claire as she began to walk out of the door, claire soon followed her... kaitlin, natalia and rose left the room and began to look around the house. Their fear soon began to drive them. A sudden knock on the door caused natalia, rose, and kaitlin to scream. The door soon opened from what appeared to be a scarecrow.. Natalia, rose,and kaitlin began to run away in fear. While they were running, natalia noticed a object. It appeared to be a medium sized pendant. Of sorts.. upon closer inspection, she noticed that it appeared to be half of a pendant with five arms the other half not in sight.. on the five arms were what  appeared to be five miniature gems, their  colors were, red, sky blue, dark blue, purple, and white, she soon began to run when she heard the walking, claire and kenzie soon heard kaitlin and rose scream, but where was natalia? "Hey, have any of you seen natalia?" Asked kaitlin.. "No I thought she was with all of you." Said claire.. there, they soon heard walking  "it's the wandering scarecrow!" The four said in union.. Natalia was now with the others and she too was cowering in fear of what was to approach...  was it the wandering scarecrow they all heard in the legend? Was it out to get them? So many questions began to race in their heads. The door opened in front of them... they soon began to scream out of fright.. the creature soon turned on their bedroom light. It was majestic in nature. . This creature appeared to have brown feathers... his beak was a orange.. he was also wearing a crown over his head, it seems as though he was a king of some sorts.. ear tufts were on top of his head..  his yellow eyes reflected the light that was  around the room. The creature hooted and expanded his wings.. " well would you look at this, All I heard was screaming and many sounds as if thunder and lighting were doing battle! but the truth shows me a different scenario..  why were the five of you making such  noise?" Asked the creature... the group looked at eachother. "I-i don't know ,w-we thought it was the wandering scarecrow as spoken in legends." Said claire the creature soon laughed. "the wandering scarecrow.. ha, I made sure he went home. He's not going to bother any of you for quite some time, however, I must say that the five of you are quite loud.. even I heard it from atop of a tree. So what are your names?" Asked the creature.. "well, I'm rose, that's kaitlin, natalia, claire and kenzie." Said the rabbit as she smiled...  the creature looked at her and smiled.. "Ah your name, rose, such a honorable and joyful name.. I see that you bring joy and laughter... and natalia a name that  reminds me of Christmas cherish your name. Kaitlin, one that brings peace and who is smart..  Claire and kenzie.. both of your names when put together sound like bright clear treasure... cherish your names young ones.. for they have meaning in them,  meanings in which could unlock many spiritual doors.. such doors contain many destinies!  but be careful, some lead to downfall, one in which many fall victim to. But only if we knew." Said the creature. Kaitlin looked at him bewildered. "Uh, what are you talking about?" Asked kaitlin. The creature looked at her.. "Sorry I was rambling, the name's king avian. By the way." Said the creature as he smiled. The group looked at eachother, they were wondering what kind of creature he was. "what are you?" Asked kaitlin. A long pause appeared on his face... he sighed and smiled. "I am an owl. I reside in the owl kingdom." Said king avian as he began to flap his wings.
"So your an owl? Your from a far away kingdom?" Asked Claire as she began to be amazed. King avian just smiled, he soon looked at his talons "Yes, I'm from the owl kingdom, a far away land at the edge of the world only those who have a brave heart will only ever make it." Said King avian. Smiling to himself.. kaitlin and rose were amazed.. "wait a minute, your saying that your kingdom is at the edge of the world? Is there ice surrounding the edge?" Asked kaitlin . As she began to  look at him... "why yes, much ice surrounds the edge, I don't know why, but many say That if you reach it you'll fall off, they say that tartarus rests at the bottom. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure for a justified reason." Said king avian.. king avian looked at his wings which were dusty,after being on a huge tree mediating.  He  looked at the group of girl animals. . "So what brings all of you here?" Asked king avian. Natalia stepped forward. "We are looking for a friend of mine. her name is aubrey." Said natalia. a slight breeze began to start up outside of the house.  King avian looked outside, a puzzled look began to creep on his face. He noticed a black figure standing outside. But it soon taken off in flight.. king avian didn't let it bother him. He looked at the moon... "I believe I should join the five of you on your journey. I know my way around this land. Besides,  danger is lurking  and you need a fighter." Said king avian.. "Whoah,  your also a fighter? That's so awesome!" Said claire as she smiled.  "Correct, I'm a fighter. That's how I became a king." Said king avian.  A door began to open.. king avian decided to see what it was, he left the young animals and proceeded into the darkness..  a sudden surprise of excitement soon was heard in the darkness, the group were when they heard the sound of lights being flickered.  Kaitlin began to walk ahead, her nervousness  beginning to take over, the rest soon followed. "I hope nothing bad happened." Said natalia as she began to shake with fear. "Nothing bad happened. I'm sure he's alright." Said claire. Natalia in her mind, wasn't so sure about what claire said, she hoped that nothing bad happened to him.  A fear that plagued her mind ever since the fortune tellertold her about aubrey being in danger. All that began to change when natalia heard a few words. From king avian's mouth  "Why does it seem as though we have the nerve to feel heartbroken when our friends say they love us? It puts us in a difficult situation to assume that they are saying it because they don't care and they only feel pity toward us. That is farther from the truth.. our friends do care about us. From a simple wave to a heartful goodbye. Such only allow us to see these things in all humbleness. But, if a friend simply abandons us, shall we do the same to our other friends who do care about us? Certainly not. then what do we do at times like these? The only thing we can do, is forgive and learn from that mistake. that's simply becoming a better animal in mind and in spirit.. such is the truth of the spirit. Back on the topic of our friends caring about us. Do they really mean what they say? The answer is not known, we simply cannot peer into the hearts of every friendship and simply say they don't. . Their actions will reflect the heart.. only then can we base a statement of truth whether or not the friendship is real or as what the medevial ages called it, falsehood.. we will not stand on such nonsense, for our ancestors did not leave all of this for us to betray the ones we love, True friends stick together, am I right? If not then I have other reasons to back up my statement. What good would it be if harmony betrayed her friends, then would harmonia exist? Of course not, we must stick together in such situations, if we do not however, we will fall apart." Said king avian. kenzie and claire's father began to speak "your wisdom is splendid, how much do you know?" King avian looked at him and smiled,  my wisdom is only second to the unicorn, only she has the potential of beating me In wisodm, such is truth." Said king avian as he cawed to himself.. "It looks like nothing bad happened after all." Said claire as she looked at Natalia. "Next time, if something happens don't assume it's a bad thing!" Said kaitlin as she was now alittle angry. . "But I-i didn't know, I-i thought he was." Said a frightened Natalia. "Look, stop being so paranoid, it's getting quite old." Said kaitlin. King avian looked at the young group. He smiled Knowing in his heart that he would be a good companion to them.. "now young ones, our adventure begins in the morning! we will find aubrey!" Said king avian.   Natalia soon went back to where the pendant was, now that it was light she noticed that it sparkled. "Hey what's with this pendant?" Asked Natalia. As she began to look at her friends.. "ah, we found that pendant near the plant we thought it was connected to It somehow." Said claire. "Do you want it?" Asked kenzie. .  Natalia shook her head. It didn't feel right for her to take things that belonged to somebody else. let alone steal it.  She soon then went toward the window and looked at the moon... she wondered if she will ever see Aubrey again... she wondered if Aubrey was thinking about her.  If only she could hear her thoughts, then maybe their separation could be connected and they could again be together Forever.
the forgotten unicorn and pegasus
This one I had to do a little more work .. I know I know, your all asking, what's with the pendant why didn't she kept it? Well, the reason why she didn't keep the pendant is because she felt as those it would be stealing. And the fact that pendant is going to be in a series after this book.
Chapter 4: a search for family
Kaitlin, rose and natalia settled down for the night as they seen the moon and stars.. they were eating their dinner that They packed. Kaitlin and rose were talking to each other about the founder and Co founder of crowned city and village. "Those two were the best fighters in history not to mention that they founded crowned city and crowned village. Some say that the founder was in fact a reincarnation of a hero that lived many many many centuries ago. I'm not sure if that was true but, I am hoping that it is. that's the second thing I want to know about right now." Said kaitlin as she smiled. Rose began to get excited. "Oh oh what is the first

thing that you want to know about?" Asked rose as she smiled. Kaitlin looked at the sky. and back at rose she smiled. "The first thing I want to know about right now is the legend of the unicorn and the pegasus.You see, a long time ago, after the founder and Co founder of crowned city and village passed away. There was an uproar in the village, chaos began to rise in the land. Due to the fact that the founder and Co founder passed away. The coyote clan and the snow
leopard clan tried to reason with the animals. But none would listen to them. so crowned city and crowned village went into a civil war.  Thinking that the founder and the Co founder betrayed their law due to the fact that both  the founder's and Co founder's clans were trying to control them.. but as the civil war was going on." Kaitlin soon began to stop. She
fell on the ground. Closing her eyes. "Kaitlin what's wrong?" Asked she ran toward her. Kaitlin soon began to have a flashback of some kind. She noticed that she was flying but to where? Many clouds began to form.. it soon stopped there. Kaitlin soon opened her eyes "that
was strange why did that happen she thought to herself. "Are you ok Kaitlin? asked natalia as she looked at her. "Yes I'm fine let's not talk about the unicorn and the pegasus  tonight and let's do something else." Said kaitlin. She soon then looked at the sky noticing many
shooting stars.

Rose looked up as well she thought they looked beautiful. "Oh my gosh look how beautiful they look." Said natalia as she
Smiled and was amazed by them. She wondered if aubrey was looking at them as well. She soon began to wish on one.
"I just hope and wish I see aubrey again that's my only wish." Said natalia. As she kept
looking at them. While she was distracted, rose began to sneak up on her, natalia was lost in thought she didn't know  that rose was behind her she turned around and screamed. "I'm sorry if I scared you, I didn't mean too." Said rose. As she smiled nervously.Natalia

looked at her,"Do you believe we will find aubrey? I have doubts that we won't and I'm scared kinda." Said natalia as she began to shed a tear. "Hold that thought I have to talk to kaitlin, you need to lighten up sometime sulking isn't going to bring aubrey back ya know." Said rose as she began to go talk to kaitlin leaving natalia alone.. Natalia began to look up at the moon shedding a few tears. "I feel alone. I don't know why but I feel so alone right now." Said natalia as she cried to herself. While this was going on, the vulture was watching them. "Humph. Would you look at that. Some animal thinks she's alone. It appears that her friend would rather talk to kaitlin instead of her. How selfish. But no matter, I will make sure that kaitlin and natalia gets captured. And when that time comes I will break them apart mentally. And there is nothing that they can do about it." Said the vulture quietly to himself He soon began to fly away.

A slight breeze began to blow across the forest. The trio soon began to hear the rustling of leaves in the forest. fear began to rise inside themselves. The sound of sticks being broken were now being heard.. the trio began to scream. Before they began to leave a voice was heard. "Stop, We meant no trouble. I swear." Said the voice,  Kaitlin natalia and rose looked to where the voice was coming from they noticed two siamese cats who both were wearing glasses their brown and green eyes reflecting the light of the moon. The two siamese twin cat appeared to be alittle older than natalia, kaitlin and rose. Eventhough they too were in elementary school,
One of the siamese twins began to walk toward the trio inspecting them. "Why are the three of you out here?" Asked the blue eyed siamese twin cat. "Well I'm kaitlin and these are my friends rose and natalia. We are out here because we are finding their friend aubrey." Said kaitlin. Rose looked at the blue eyed siamese cat... "So what brings you two out here?" Asked rose. Our mother and father haven't returned home. They were gone for three days." Said the brown eyed siamese cat. "Oh no that sounds terrible, said rose as she began to panic. "Panicking won't helpSolve their problem" said kaitlin as she began to walk up toward rose.

"I thought we were supposed to find information about aubrey." Said Natalia.. Kaitlin looked at her.. "I already told you, we are finding their parents. And if you don't like it, then I suggest you stay out here." Said kaitlin her anger now expressed in her voice. "No I just, no we just need too." Said natalia.

Kaitlin turned her back on her. "Let's go. We need to find your parents. Before something bad happens." Said kaitlin. As she began to look at the siamese duo.. "What are your names?" Asked rose.The blue eyed siamese cat looked at rose and smiled.. "my name is Claire. Remember that." The brown eyed siamese cat began to smile.. "my name is kenzie." Kaitlin smiled.. "it's nice to meet you Claire and kenzie." Said kaitlin.. Claire began to purr with excitement. "We live in the forest, they say that a magical plant is in the heart of this forest."
Said claire. "What's does the magical plant have to do with your missing parents?" Asked natalia as she was confused. "They might be there. We have to try. If we don't, who knows what might happen." Said kenzie as she began to run into the forest.. rose and kaitlin followed.  Natalia began to leave as well"Hey wait for me." Said natalia, the group soon plunged into the forest not knowing what could be in it. the vulture watched the group  From a

distance.. "it appears the little search party has grown By two members. no matter, I will make sure they face danger in this forest. And i will make sure they don't come out alive." Said the vulture as he laughed to himself.. his two assistants looked at him.. "What do you mean by danger master?" Asked one assistant. The vulture looked at them. "Just you wait and see." Said the vulture as he began to fly away.. with his assistants soon flying after. Natalia began to wonder where they were going . "How will this help in finding aubrey? Is it our job to find clues about aubrey?" natalia asked herself.. a simple breeze began to start.. giving a little chill to the group. Rose began to laugh as she noticed the wind.. the group began to notice a
strange light. Surrounding a part of this forest. "It looks so beautiful!" Said natalia as she smiled a little smile. Claire began to smile.. "I feel happy!" Said Claire. The group began to walk toward the part of the forest that was lit up.. they soon began to notice that the was giving off a silverish blueish glow.. a plant. Which appeared to be a huge flower that stood before them was seen. The flower was in the shape of a ten pointed star surrounding this flower were ten crystal holders. Each crystal holder had a certain color.. these colors were red, sky blue, dark blue, purple, white, dark green, pink, yellow, orange, and light green. rose was amazed at what was before her,   she started to smile, "wow,  it's so beautiful here. I can't describe with words." Said rose as she smiled.. "your right it is beautiful." Said Kaitlin as she smiled also. "Claire and Kenzie!" Said a voice. once the group heard the voice they began to look around the area.. "who's there?" Asked Claire. The one who said Kenzie and Claire

soon began to walk out of the shadows. Claire and kenzie realizing who it was, began to run toward him..
"dad! Where were you?" Asked Claire. Kenzie and Claire's father looked at them.  "It's best if we take all of you inside to discuss what happened. . Your mother is already at the house."  Said their father.. as he smiled. "Well then, it looks like it's time to head to the house. " said Claire. Kaitlin and rose nodded. The older animal lead them to the house. the group entered inside.. in hopes that they can get information about what happened. Natalia soon smiled knowing that they can continue their search for Aubrey, after a night of exploring but she remembered,what the vulture said, was Aubrey really in danger? And if so, what is causing this danger? she will find out soon enough. "Don't worry Aubrey, I will make sure that nothing bad happens to you!" Natalia as she promised herself.
natalia, rose and kaitlin were finally on their journey.. it taken some convincing from all of their parents but in the end all of their parents said yes. Rose was talking to kaitlin about their first location of finding aubrey. "Well, the first location is a distant town called havalah. We need to get there as soon as possible. She might be there." Said kaitlin as she  began to sneeze.Natalia, burning with excitement was hoping that this town was the place that aubrey was staying in.She silently smiled to herself. "I can't wait to see her, it's been a year I wonder what will she say when she sees me." Said natalia. "Hopefully good things." Said kaitlin as she began to look toward the sky. Rose began to sing a song to herself. She just hoped that they will reach this town. and find aubrey. However little did they know that a mysterious animal was watching from a tree. He appeared to be a mixture of a buzzard and a vulture. He began to cry his call as he began to fly away he then reached his destination, he ruffled his feathers. "I finally found my prey, it appears they are looking for their friend called aubrey.Those two white fillies don't fool these eyes of mine." His eyes soon began to glow cyan, 4 black circles were around  the outer ring of the iris he cawed  to himself noticing that his two best assistants were there watching him. "Ah yes, my lovely assistants please come join me, it Appears that two white horse fillies and a rabbit have decided to enter Into havalah,  I have decided to go inside myself, you two in the meantime, spy on them I want every Intel on that kaitlin and natalia, something about them is off and I don't what." Said the vulture. The two assistants Nodded in union. One assistant began to look at his boss.. "but master why do you want us to keep Intel on them what is your plan?" The vulture began to look at them. "I'm going to gain their trust and when they think I am their friend I will break them apart mentally and then find out why they are so peculiar." Said the vulture. As he laughed to himself. The other assistant nodded. "That's a wonderful plan master your skills as a mastermind is showing. The vulture began to wear his hat and cloak which appeared similar to a magician or a wizard's. once he had them on, before he began to leave he looked at his two assistants. . Smiled and said these seven words.. "and guess what, that's Just the beginning." he soon taken flight.. cawing to himself and smiling evilly "this is going to be  good." Said the vulture. As he taken off. the two assistants  taken flight in hopes that they would catch up to kaitlin, rose and natalia,  during at this time kaitlin, natalia, and rose were walking toward a forest. it started to rain lightly. Natalia soon began to doubt about aubrey not being in the town, the horse filly began to close her eyes. "Hey Natalia, what's wrong? Why did you close your eyes?" Asked rose as she went toward her. Natalia opened her eyes. "What if aubrey isn't in the town, what if she could be somewhere else?" Asked natalia.  Kaitlin soon went toward her "don't doubt yourself, if she isn't there in that town we will search for the next one." Said kaitlin as she smiled. Natalia looked at kaitlin.  "Are you sure? I don't think we will find the next one." Said natalia.  Kaitlin began to look toward the sky noticing that it began to clear. She soon looked at rose and back at natalia. "We will I promise." Said kaitlin. They soon looked at the beautiful trees in the forest  which still had it's orange and yellow leaves."we are now in havalah. Once we enter, we ask if anyone has seen aubrey." Said kaitlin. As she smiled. rose agreed. Natalia nodded silently.  The trio soon entered into havalah. Many animals were really busy walking into town and talking to each other. While this was going on, natalia, kaitlin, and rose decided to ask about aubrey whereabouts.. they soon began to set up a time to meet. And where. "How about we meet near the statue in this town.. that's where we will meet." Said kaitlin as she soon began to head to a building where many animals were, in hopes to get Intel on aubrey. "If she's going over there then I will search over here. Where are you going to look natalia?" Asked rose. Natalia looked at rose. "I don't know where I will look. But I will make sure to find aubrey." Said natalia as she smiled.. rose smiled, "ok talk to you later when we find information about aubrey." Said rose as  she smiled. Before leaving she looked toward a direction in hopes to find any animal who knows aubrey.. She also looked toward the left. "I got nothing here I will search over here. You search wherever your heart takes you ok?"Asked rose as she began to smile and laugh to herself before she could leave natalia stopped her. "Hey uh can we talk before we look I have something to ask you it's really import-". Her word was cut off by Rose. "it has to wait Natalia, aubrey isn't going to appear when you sulk ya know." Said rose as she soon walked away  Natalia felt as though her friend rose was just ignoring  her. She began to go toward a direction.. her aching heart guiding her wherever it felt the strongest. She just wanted to see aubrey again, only that would make her strong. "I have to find her I know she needs me." Said natalia as she began to follow her aching heart. Once she began to follow her aching heart. she heard a multitude of animals beginning to speak. Curious about the noise Natalia decided to follow the voices. "I bet they will show me where aubrey is." Said natalia as she smiled.  Her aching heart began to guide her only then to discover many animals lined up in front of a traveling cart.. "step right up for your free fortune telling and a free magic trick is there any animal out there who needs a fortune telling?" Asked a animal. Natalia began to step in front of the waiting animals only then to be beckoned by the traveling fortune teller slash magician.  The magician was pleased to see the horse filly. "Fate has brought you here natalia I know what you seek." Said the magician his beak beginning to show a smile. "How did you know that i was looking for aubrey?"Asked natalia her grey eyes looking up at the fortune teller. The buzzard slashed vulture ruffled his magician hat and smiled. "I can see the future it was fate that brought you here. Come look into my glass ball. Only then you'll find what you seek." Said the magician. Slash fortune teller. Natalia did just that. She noticed that the glass ball began to show aubrey. The fortune teller slash magician looked at natalia. . "Ah yes, you see aubrey. It appears she is in some kind of danger. Go and find her natalia. Only then can you be reunited with her. I will try with everything in my power to help you ." Said the fortune teller slash magician as he smiled. Natalia looked at him. Her grey eyes began to be filled with excitement"You will do that for me?" Asked natalia. As she smiled "I will, now go and find her." Said the fortune teller slash magician. As he now left her.. smiling to himself. "She trusts me completely, she doesn't even know that she is being used, it's only a matter of time before I gain their trust. And once that's taken place I swear I will find out why Kaitlin and natalia are so peculiar. I have to make sure that they don't get to aubrey first." Said the vulture as he looked at the many animals that were lined up. He sighed to himself hoping that these animals did not overhear his little talk. "But first I must get rid of these animals. They are a hinderance to me and my plans." Said the vulture. He soon stepped out of his tent. "All fortune tellings have been closed for the day. I must get back to my home." Said the vulture. Many animals taken his message and left him.Before he could take flight into the skys, his two assistants landed. "Master we have Intel, about all three it appears they are looking for aubrey." Said one assistant "I know, natalia was here about 8 minutes ago, I actually gained her trust, hopefully she will tell her other friends about me phase one of my plan has been complete. Now to get ready for phase two." Said the vulture as he laughed to himself He soon began to take flight with his two assistants. "what's next master? What shall we do now?" Asked his other assistant. The vulture looked at him, and then the sky.. "we wait for phase two to begin." Said the vulture. As he churred to himself. "Good idea master." Said the first assistant. The vulture smiled evilly. During at this time, natalia, kaitlin, and rose left havalah. They were now continuing their journey. Natalia began to think about the danger that aubrey was in. She began to worry. "We need to help aubrey she's in danger!" Shouted natalia, panic began to sound in her voice. Kaitlin looked at her "your just overreacting natalia, aubrey is not in some type of danger. If she was then we will make sure that we find her as soon as possible. By the way, where did you hear that from?'' Asked kaitlin. "The fortune teller told me that she was in danger, we have to save her." Said natalia. Rose just laughed.. "your so gullible natalia, don't believe a stranger who doesn't know aubrey." Said kaitlin as she began to continue to walk. "But I'm serious, he knows that aubrey is in danger." Said natalia.  Kaitlin looked at her, anger began to rise. "Look, I understand you want to find Aubrey and all, but I think your just using a excuse to believe him. I think it's about time you just keep quiet about it." Said kaitlin as she began to turn around and walk. Natalia didn't say anything afterwards. She was heartbroken. And angry, tears began to fall from her face. "What does she know? She doesn't know anything about aubrey." Said natalia as she silently cried to herself.. hoping and wishing they wouldn't see her like this. She began to look at the sky, noticing that the sun was setting. The sky began to turn from blue to orange. In mere seconds which gave the world a mythical like supernatural feel.
Do you guys remember the legend of the silver star blue gem pendant series I was ranting about in 2012 and 2013, well, I finished all thirteen,  right now, I'm on a process of typing a book


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